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Charter Rates and Q&A

* prices subject to fuel surcharge based on market value *

23' Contender 250 Yamaha 4-stroke

1/2 day (5 hrs) $450

3/4 day (7 hrs) $650

Full day(9 hrs) $750

Rates for up to 4 passengers

Sunset Cruises available
Boat rides and tours available
Masonboro Island Tours available

Questions and Answers:

What if the weather is bad?
If the weather conditions are deemed unsafe or not conducive to offering a good opportunity to catch fish, the Captain will cancel the trip. If the fishing conditions are neither unsafe or unfishable but could potentially cause problems for the party, the Captain will thoroughly explain the circumstances and leave it up to the party to decide if they would feel comfortable in the conditions.

What if the trip is cancelled due to bad weather?
If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather, you will be given an opportunity to reschedule the trip for an available date or you will be given a 100% refund.

What should I bring?
You are responsible for bringing your own personal items such as food and drink (and a cooler to store them in), hats, sunscreen...All fishing equipment and related fishing items will be provided. Suggested items to bring include a small cooler with food and drink for the trip, hat, sunscreen, wind breaker, non-skid shoes.

What happens if I get sea sick?
Despite how you may feel, it is not the end of the world. The best thing you can do is to stay in the fresh air. If you feel like you will vomit, it is best to go ahead as you will feel dramatically better afterwards. If you do not wish to endure the sea sickness, you can instruct the Captain to take you back at any time. This is your trip and you make the call. Your crew is there for your pleasure and comfort.

What can I do to avoid sea sickness?
There is no cure-all for sea sickness. Some are naturally more prone than others. I suggest you take a Dramamine motion sickness pill with dinner the evening prior to your fishing trip and then 1/2 of a pill with a light breakfast on the morning of your trip. Taking more pills WILL NOT be any more effective and will cause you to be very drowsy.

Can we let the fish go after we catch them?
Absolutely. We encourage catch and release. If you do not intend to eat the fish it will be released unharmed to bite another day.

Who does the catch belong to?
Whatever you catch on your fishing trip belongs to you. You can certainly offer extra fish to your crew, but it is certainly your decision.

I've never been deep sea fishing before. What trip should I take?
That all depends on your level of comfort with the ocean. If you are very unsure of yourself and how your body will take the trip, I'd suggest the 1/4 day trip. If you are unsure but want to at least have a chance at catching something big, I'd suggest the 1/2 day. If you are moderately confident and want a good chance at catching a trophy, I'd suggest the 3/4 day.

Do you take children?
Yes. Children are welcome on board the boat. It is your discretion as to whether you think a child is suitable for the environment.

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